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VCU nursing application

VCU Health has partnered with PRS Global for direct hire of international nurses. This form is for referrals of VCU employees that are interested in pursing a nursing career at VCU in the United States. At the moment VCU is only hiring nurses that have passed their NCLEX. IF you have passed your NCLEX or you are scheduled to take your NCLEX in the next three months please fill out the information below.

Your personal information will be used to create your candidate profile with PRS Global. As you advance through our process, details will be added to ensure alignment with open job opportunities, timely document collection, and efficient process management.
In this section you’ll find a series of required statements. These statements will help us align your existing credentials with appropriate opportunities. You will be moved to the next step in the process with the understanding that the statements you’ve made are both true and accurate.

Personal Information

Documentation Attestation