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Niner’s partnership program

Niner’s IELTS Credentials is your first step to a WORLD of opportunities! And if you’re interested in a Healthcare career in the US, PRS Global is the first step in making that dream a reality!

When it comes to partnering with a healthcare placement and staffing agency, it’s important to know as much as you can about their hiring process.

At PRS Global, we provide a high-touch concierge level service to support our candidates to make the interview, immigration, and relocation as easy and efficient as possible with no fees collected from the candidate.

Sounds good, right? To understand more about our process, please review our outline of a typical healthcare candidate engagement so you know what you can expect from the moment you start working with us.


Description: Pre-application assessment of program requirements. This service is currently available by appointment only.

Benefit: Pre-Approved applicants are 4x more successful getting a PRS Endorsement and shortens the hiring cycle (time from application to first day on the job) by 37%.

Time to Complete: 10 Minutes or less

Hiring Cycle: Timeline: 1-Day


Description: As a part of the formal PRS application process, we’ll collect the details about the candidate’s experience, the supporting information to the Pre-Approval, and discuss candidates preferences for work site, residence, and relocation. This services is by appointment only.

Benefit: Expedited Endorsements accelerate the application resulting in scheduled interviews with hiring managers in 5 days or less!

Time to Complete: 30 to 60 Minutes

Hiring Cycle Timeline: Up to 2-Days


Description: PRS meets with the candidate to review available work-sites that match candidate’s preferences, discuss any additional opportunities that may be available, schedule interviews with hiring managers, and last prepare the candidate for those interviews. This service is by appointment only.

Benefit: Candidates who have done the additional preparation work at this stage are 5x more likely to have a job offer after their interview.

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Hiring Cycle Timeline: Up to 3-Days


Description: This is an additional fee ($2,500) paid by PRS that expedites the processing of your 1-140 filing

Benefit: Your PRS application gets approved within 15-days (That’s 16x faster than normal processing)

Time to Complete: No time for applicant Immigration/Relocation

Timeline: I-140 acceptance within


Description: As soon as you’re hired. This person works with you throughout the immigration process to ensure smooth and efficient processing.

Benefit: Faster processing, fewer issues, and the security of knowing your file status at all times.

Time to Complete: Submit DS-260 within 3-weeks of NVC fee bill Immigration/Relocation

Timeline: Average 3-Months to embassy interview queue


Description: PRS concierge relocation team organizes all aspects of your arrival including: meeting you at the airport, hotel arrangements, apartment selection, homegoods, banking, auto and more!

Benefit: Everything you need to get started in the United States is orchestrated to streamline your first few days in America and make getting settled easy.

Time to Complete: 1 -2 days

As you can see, we bring together our experience in the healthcare industry with our proven immigration and relocation processes to ensure a smooth, safe, and speedy transition to your new career. If you’re ready to take your first step, we’d love to meet you:
Your personal information will be used to create your candidate profile with PRS Global. As you advance through our process, details will be added to ensure alignment with open job opportunities, timely document collection, and efficient process management.
In this section you’ll find a series of required statements. These statements will help us align your existing credentials with appropriate opportunities. You will be moved to the next step in the process with the understanding that the statements you’ve made are both true and accurate.

Personal Information

Documentation Attestation