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How to Choose the Right Managed Service Provider for Healthcare Staffing


Outsourcing is a reality in today’s professional world. The benefits are two-way for the company that needs outsourced service and the individuals willing to provide the said service. For the availing organization, full-time employment requirements, such as benefits mandated by law and the need for in-house training, are no longer necessary. As for the outsourced talent, they are often freelancers who can take on many clients at a time. This is favorable for them because, unlike full-time employees, they don’t have to be loyal to one client. In the world of freelance, more clients often mean more profit.

As a healthcare company preparing for the upcoming demand for nurses and other medical practitioners, you too can grab the opportunity of outsourced help. How? Through managed service providers or MSPs. They are a team of professionals that can aid in handling information technology within your organization. They can also help take away other responsibilities from your hands, like updating systems and general troubleshooting. By letting MSPs assist you with healthcare staffing, you can be assured that a well-staffed workforce will meet your organization’s near-future needs.

This all sounds promising, but some precautions and good planning are still necessary. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best MSP for your healthcare staffing needs.

Define the scope of your need for an MSP.

While MSPs sound like your one-stop for all IT concerns, it’s rare, even close to none, to find an MSP that will answer all IT questions. Specific MSPs have niche IT aspects, such as data management, software-as-a-service, and others.1 In the case of healthcare staffing, it pays to be upfront with potential MSPs when approaching them for their services. Relay to them that your company would like to create a talent pool of healthcare professionals, then ask what services they can offer to aid in this particular goal.

MSPs with backgrounds in recruitment might help, but try your best to still look for other service providers who might have more in-depth experience with healthcare staffing. With the heightened need to hire nurses, doctors, and the like, some MSPs may have shifted to this niche to find more clients.

Set availability schedules.

Some MSPs might need to set up hardware within the premises of your healthcare facility, while some will simply create access to their software and resources through cloud computing. Either way, once you have established a connection with a chosen MSP, ask them how often you can approach them for questions, clarifications, and in case emergencies arise.

After meeting your chosen MSP for introductions and tutorials on navigating systems, agree on how often you would like to talk to them. You can set up weekly or monthly meetings with them depending on how frequently you need their assistance or a report. For instance, if the recruitment systems they will set up for you are fully independent after installation, perhaps a monthly checkup meeting will suffice. 

It’s also imperative that both parties clearly know what constitutes an emergency and how you can reach them if something unexpected happens. Take note that technology is still not perfect, and unforeseen events like system overloads or malware attacks can halt your healthcare staffing efforts. Have a definite emergency protocol for contingencies.

Inquire about certifications, qualifications, and technical expertise.

With healthcare staffing, a nurse’s length of service to the profession doesn’t always spell expertise. The same judgment applies to your search for MSPs. A lot may have been in the game for some time, but their achievements in that period should still be considered.

Microsoft, for example, grants Gold and Silver partnership certifications to service providers who have been superb in their line of work. There are even accolades called “advanced specializations” that highlight the MSP’s particular skills that are a cut above the rest.

Some certifications also hail MSPs with a top-notch understanding of how particular systems work. In cloud technology, everyone may have a basic understanding of how cloud storage works. However, an MSP granted with cloud technology certification can utilize this technology to the fullest. Examples of cloud technology certifications are for developers, cloud architects, and DevOps engineers.2

Search online for MSP recommendations for healthcare staffing.

Of course, as an availing customer, it’s only imperative that you also search online for recommendations. Look for reviews of MSPs and see how former clients describe their experience. Delve into the MSP’s work ethics, best practices, and if the MSP was involved in issues in the past.

Consumers nowadays consider looking at review sites, social media, and word-of-mouth to make sound decisions on whom they will spend their money. However, do note that with MSPs, costs are not cheap. Aside from using their resources, MSPs’ professional expertise specific to the service you need is what your company will truly spend on, so make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Further, remember that it’s your right as a potential client to get to know the entity from whom you will be getting services. If your company wants to hire credible healthcare professionals, the MSP you will work side-by-side with should share the same values as you do.

Let PRS Global assist you with your search for the best nurses.

While an MSP can help set up systems for a better healthcare staffing search, PRS Global is your best bet when it comes to outsourcing nurses of international backgrounds. The number 1 firm for staffing nurses across the globe will not only help you create a formidable workforce but will also prepare them for their new life and career.

PRS Global’s Bright HorizonsTM Transition Program aids in ushering newly hired nurses into the new environment through support groups’ assistance to necessary steps, such as visa procurement and accommodation. PRS Global will also introduce opportunities for career growth and development and assist with various needs, such as immigration legality, licensure exam preparations, and even getting a Green Card.

When it comes to gathering international nurses and helping them assimilate to life in the US, PRS Global has got your back. Contact us today to get help for your healthcare staffing needs.