PRS Global: The Best Healthcare Staffing Firm in US

Healthcare is more than ever important today, not only in the US but in the entire globe. Yet, while discoveries in medicine and wellness are keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of health awareness, there is still a constant need to carry on with good practices in taking care of community welfare. Nurses are among those in the forefront to be there when the need arises, and they have been true examples of modern-day heroes.

However, the US is experiencing a massive decline in its population of nurses. The country’s healthcare workforce is not getting any younger, and when it comes to the availability of nurses in the near future, the country is threatened by a looming shortage.

The good news, though: companies need not worry any longer about this threat. The best healthcare staffing firm is extending its hand by scouring the globe to find only the top-quality nurses and giving them opportunities to serve in the US.

What is PRS Global?

PRS Global is an organization built by the brilliant minds and generous hearts of healthcare providers and professionals who understand the urgency for proper care and treatment. They are committed to meeting various nursing needs, be it companies that need nurses or nurses who need placement. Guided by principles of integrity, reliability, and well-being, PRS Global continuously serves its purpose to be the best healthcare staffing firm in the US.

The struggle of procuring nurses is a reality that healthcare companies must face with urgency.

The next twenty years will witness the rising demand for top-notch nurses to provide quality service and dedication. Sadly, this demand is no longer easy to support. The COVID-19 pandemic was only a glimpse of how worse situations can be, and in the US alone, an ageing population of nurses is not helping at all. Companies are kept on their toes to protect the welfare of their employees, but with the support of nurses heading towards scarcity, what can they do?

As the best healthcare staffing agency, PRS Global says yes to the challenge of creating a workforce of nurses ready to be sent to every corner of the US. The premier recruitment firm for nurses has perfected a system that will only select the most qualified nurses. Moreover, with vast knowledge of how nurses with a foreign background fit in the country’s healthcare landscape, PRS Global will surely provide companies with nurses of diverse influences but a shared passion towards caring for others.

PRS Global has forged connections with various countries to outsource their surplus of healthcare professionals to balance out the deficiency of nurses in the US. The Philippines, for example, is brimming with highly-skilled nurses who are just waiting to be employed and deployed, so having PRS Global reach out to them is a win-win situation for their home country and the US.

With a reputable staffing agency’s recruitment model for nurses across the globe, PRS Global aims to alleviate nurse vacancy rates and rid companies of wasted resources on recruitment efforts. In addition, it helps that institutions in the US share the same concern with PRS Global when it comes to getting only the top nurses into the workforce fast. This shared and aligned ideal will bode well for the future of healthcare in the US.

Nurses are well-taken care of, so they embody and give PRS Global’s brand of excellence in care.

For one to be the best career of others, one has to experience the best care first. Therefore, nurses hired by PRS Global are not only guided well throughout the entire onboarding process but are assured that their journey from application to placement is filled with a sense of security and empowerment. As the best healthcare staffing firm, PRS Global is dedicated to making our future nurturers feel nurtured. After all, they will be treated like family.

  • There is an initiative to help nurses adjust to a new environment. Assimilating to life in the US may be daunting to newly hired nurses and could prevent them from being the best healthcare professionals they can be. That is why PRS Global organized the Bright HorizonsTM Transition Program so that incoming nurses could ease into the living conditions of a foreign land. Soon, they would feel at home in new surroundings and perform their roles with confidence.

  • Nurses need not worry about legal matters. Aside from being introduced to a new culture, PRS Global also assures those newly onboarded nurses adhere to provisions of the law. They will be supported as they go through licensure and visa procedures. PRS Global may even offer to assist in legal fees and other costs. Nurses can simply let their immigration journey happen smoothly, thanks to the support that only the best healthcare staffing firm can offer. 

  • Part of onboarding is laying down career opportunities. Nurses will be oriented about the company they will be joining. In this orientation, companies will cover career options, too. As onboarded nurses get to enjoy the compensation from their assigned organizations, they will also know further ways to grow professionally as a nurse in the US. 

  • A myriad of benefits awaits prospective nurses. Benefits such as subsidized relocation costs, assistance with IELTS review, free legal counsel regarding immigration if needed, and even Green Card sponsorship can be granted to newly hired nurses. While these benefits are subject to eligibility, it’s nice to think that there is more to choosing PRS Global than other healthcare staffing firms in the US.

With the best healthcare staffing firm’s signature brand of nurturing for outsourced talents, PRS Global effectively manages continuity in providing for companies’ nursing needs today and tomorrow. 

It’s time to prepare for the healthcare challenges of the future.

With efforts from the best healthcare staffing firm, there would be no reason left for US companies not to strengthen their workforce with the nurturing capabilities of globally sourced nurses. PRS Global believes in the ideals of serving with compassion and empathy, which they ought to instill in nurses they will employ. Times are changing, and PRS Global says yes to the challenge of healthcare by adhering to a patient-centred purpose and showcasing their best asset: their nurses.

Contact PRS Global and start a conversation on how your company can achieve healthcare stability through the help of a highly skilled nursing community.