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How to Build a Global Talent Pipeline with Healthcare Staffing

The main advantage of gathering influences from different countries or cultures is gaining a unique point-of-view. Healthcare professionals from various sides of the globe are trained through a mindset not common to others but still have the same goal of preserving human life. Western medicine prides itself on scientific discoveries, while influences of the east may include a traditional or more natural approach. But in the end, any healthcare professional should have one goal in mind: to take care of humanity’s well-being.

A talent pipeline is an existing collection of possible applicants a company may refer to for workforce emergencies: new positions, resignations, company expansion. Sadly, building a talent pipeline in the current era is becoming challenging, particularly for healthcare organizations. In the US alone, the population of healthcare professionals is not getting any younger. As a result, the future seems bleak for companies relying on healthcare practitioners to move forward

Has your company considered taking healthcare staffing from a global scale? The idea of scouring the globe for healthcare professionals sounds like an enormous task, even more so convincing them to take a leap of faith in moving to the US. But this is not impossible.

Start creating a positive global brand.

To build a pool of potential healthcare professionals from outside the US, find ways to attract them first. Mere job postings won’t cut it, however. The 21st-century job hunter is keen on finding out who their potential employer is, and this is where your global brand comes in. It may take time for your humble company to achieve household-name status. Still, as their potential employer, healthcare professionals must see your organization as a worthwhile venue for professional development.

You may consider starting with these baby steps in creating a global employer brand:

  • Build social media presence. Nowadays, companies are using social media to reach out to potential applicants. Your business must have at least one social media account1, but it doesn’t hurt to have multiple social media handles. Just make sure all are managed accordingly, with content updated regularly. Additionally, social media employment is all the rage today, so get into the trend and maximize your handles for healthcare staffing.

  • Set up a company website. This website will not only prove you are an existing and legitimate company but also explain who your organization is. But there’s more to owning a website than making it act as your Wikipedia page. You may use this particular online space to prove your institution’s prowess in healthcare through blogs, customer testimonials, media galleries of various company events, among many others. Of course, you must not forget a section for job openings. Finally, make sure the website is accessible and looks good using any gadget, such as mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  • Harness the power of reviews. At this point, you should already have a customer feedback collection process in place. Aside from reviews being your means to evaluate company operations, these sources of information can help boost your company and recruiter brand. Positive reviews can find their way into your website or social media accounts, while negative ones can be used to make things right. And as you improve your processes, more positive reviews are underway.

Positive consumer reviews speak about how a company treats its workers. Hence, there’s no way a healthcare company provides subpar services but has happy employees. Remember, attracting global talent means giving them a reason to take a risk to travel abroad and work for you. Online reviews can make or break that.

Be more proactive in building a global talent pipeline.

Put your recruitment team to work as they reach out to healthcare professionals across the globe. Finding those willing to fly to the US for a healthcare career might appear daunting at first, but with the following suggestions, this possibility becomes more than imaginable.

  • Make sure an onboarding process is in place. Your company will not be welcoming new hires gathered from employee referrals, job fairs, or the usual job hunt; these healthcare professionals will be leaving their home countries, so consider legal issues to address. Relocation concerns, licenses to work abroad, introduction to a new culture: has your company considered how these will work out?

With your HR team, create a foolproof onboarding process specifically for immigrant employees. Make sure procedures to secure the new hire’s licenses are attended to, such as work permits, licenses to practice, and so on. Also, make sure the company is willing to assist in looking for places they can live. It will be nice to provide subsidies, but be clear up to what extent your organization can provide financial support.

Finally, make sure to assist your employees in feeling comfortable in their new environment. For example, you may create a support group for new hires not to feel homesick or out of place in a foreign atmosphere.

  • Be where job hunters are. Once the onboarding process has been finalized, create a short, readable version of this process to attract your global talent pipeline. While there are websites that job hunters frequent, like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, search as well for social media groups for healthcare professionals. In these websites and groups, you can find potential hires across the globe. Be ready to post your company’s vacancies and do some headhunting. Then, send potential hires a message inviting them to apply for vacancies and move into the US.

    Since your healthcare staffing efforts can include relocation support, job seekers will be more enticed to apply. Also, there’s an additional value when the hiring organization is the one approaching the candidate. Add to that the fact that a US company is the one doing the talking, which is enticing for jobseekers. Especially for healthcare professionals who have difficulty finding jobs in their own country, an employment opportunity in the US is music to their ears.

Seek the help of a healthcare staffing firm.

Once you have built a welcoming global brand and pushed your efforts to reach out to healthcare professionals worldwide, you are on your way to creating a global talent pipeline.

As seen here, attracting a global talent pipeline is highly possible. However, if you still feel hesitant about starting, you may also use some additional support to create a global talent pipeline for you. There are healthcare staffing firms out there that can assist you in creating a world-class workforce. PRS Global is your go-to healthcare staffing firm for building your talent pool of nursing professionals.

PRS Global is the best recruitment agency for nurses across the world, with its brilliant and highly-supportive onboarding process to make nurses feel welcome in their new environment. Moreover, healthcare professionals are given support in securing the legality of their stay in the US. With PRS Global’s vast knowledge of how nurses with a foreign background can fit in the US healthcare landscape, your company can be sure that your global talent pipeline will be brimming with expertise, professionalism, and a worldview of exceptional healthcare.

Let PRS Global show you how to tap into the potential of nurses everywhere outside of the US. Reach out to us now, and let’s talk about how we can launch your global talent pipeline.