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Global Nurse Staffing: Top 3 Benefits of Working in the United States 

One of the famous monikers of the United States is “The Land of Opportunities.”  

Professionals from all over the globe flock over to find not only means to gather big bucks but also to forward their careers by working with global companies. For nurses, America is also a haven for both practicing their career and also finding ways to further serve as medical practitioners. Many hospitals in the United States opt for global nurse staffing because they know America is a dream destination for nurses and other medical practitioners. 

If you find that local opportunities for nurses like you seem insufficient, then pack your bags and head out to the US. Here are three reasons why being a nurse in America could probably be the best career decision you’ll ever make. You’ll also get to know further why PRS Global is your best gateway in turning this decision into reality.

Demand is up, which translates to a lot of job openings through global nurse staffing.

A plethora of reasons led to the current nursing shortage the country is experiencing. A big chunk of the medical frontline community was taken away by COVID19, and a considerable number of nurses decided to leave the profession, notably because of burnout. Also, the nurses of the US are not getting any younger.  

Whatever age bracket you may be in, you are welcome to take a shot at employment in America. Hospitals and other medical institutions are opting for global nurse staffing to mobilize nurses across the globe in response to the nursing shortage that will still be prevalent after the virus becomes endemic. The US nursing community is preparing for a brand-new start, and you can be a part of it. 

PRS Global understands this need to replenish the US nursing workforce through global nurse staffing. This premier staffing firm knows what it takes to gather the best nurses from different countries and use their global backgrounds and influences to forward the causes of various US medical companies. Consider PRS Global as your leeway to contribute in battling the nursing shortage of America.

Job opportunities are both plentiful and flexible.

Once you have landed a job in any US hospital, be open to level up beyond your role as a nurse. You may find yourself branching out to other jobs and careers that nursing may bring you to or thrive in your current role and achieve job longevity in the process. 

To start with, many hospitals offer flexible job schedules. You are not tied to the usual setup of five days a week. There are institutions wherein you’re only required to be in for four or three working days. Part-timers are also welcome, while other institutions offer contractual work if you don’t wish to stay employed at one hospital only. With some adequate research, you can find a hospital that has the right working hours for you. 

Because of the nursing shortage, other careers that require nursing backgrounds also need new blood. So, think as well if you want to branch out to other professional opportunities, you can actually work in the academe and teach future nurses. How about being part of the justice system and being a legal nurse consultant? You also have a variety of nursing specializations to choose from. Pediatrics, surgery, anesthesiology: the possibilities are endless! 

Once you are employed through PRS Global, your opportunities for professional growth will be laid out to you. Your employing institution will be introduced to you, as well as different means to forward your career as part of the global nurse staffing within that company. PRS Global would like you to know how else you can serve the country beyond your means as a nurse.

Nurses in America are showered with perks.

Yes, there are many perks that come with being a nurse in the US, and they’re beyond the salary. Nurses can earn an average of $50,000 a year, not yet even counting overtime pay during the holidays. There are a lot of opportunities to do overtime work, and you have up to 17 paid vacation leaves in a year. Life insurance, retirement plans, continuing education allowance, the list goes on. 

Also, immigrant nurses are assisted in relocating to a new living and working environment. Relocation subsidies for transportation and housing expenses are provided, and legal matters such as Green Card issuance, and preparations for licensure exams are given as well.  

What’s also exciting is that you can bring your family with you as you immigrate. They may also enjoy the assistance in applying for citizenship. As for the education of your children, there are programs that help in finding the right schools for kids entering the country. 

PRS Global’s Bright Horizons ProgramTM is this global nurse staffing firm’s unique yet effective approach for nurses like you who may find relocating to the US to be a daunting and stressful ordeal. The program will assist you in looking for a place to live and getting to know what life in the US will be like as you pursue your nursing career.  

Through Bright Horizons, you’ll will be part of a community of immigrant nurses like yourself, and everyone will be monitored regularly on how they are acclimating to life in the US. While you enjoy the perks of being a nurse, the workload also becomes easier to bear, thanks to assistance given through the Bright Horizons ProgramTM. 

Let PRS Global pave your road to being a nurse in America. 

There is no other recruitment firm that understands what it takes to do global nurse staffing for US hospitals and other similar companies. PRS Global wishes nothing else but your success and comfort as you move on to the Land of Opportunities and explore where the nursing career may take you. Take your first step now, and contact PRS Global!