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Are you a travel nurse looking for the next best place to work in? Or are you just starting your career by looking at all the possible opportunities you can grab? Whether it’s your first time traveling or your tenth, it’s always great to do some research when deciding where to migrate for a job. Read on and discover some reasons why the state of Maryland is a great place to practice your profession. 

Why Migrate at All? 

Migrating can be a hard thing to do since it means you’ll be working in a foreign place surrounded by new people. But there are many advantages that come with it. 

If you migrate or travel as a nurse, you’ll get the chance to earn much experience on foreign countries. You can grow professionally as you enhance your skills by practicing your profession in another country. According to some reports, you can even earn a higher salary than the average health worker in your own country.¹ 

Aside from this, you will also encounter people from different cultures and backgrounds. You can expand your knowledge about the world through meaningful interactions with other people. 

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Why Choose Maryland? 

Of all the states to migrate to, Maryland should be one of your top choices as a travel nurse. 

Also known as the Old Line State, Maryland is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It’s famous for its diverse culture, rich history, and activities that support practically any type of lifestyle. Of course, it also offers many openings for travel nursing jobs. 

Career Opportunities 

According to projections made in 2021, nurse positions are the second fastest-growing profession in the United States. They are expected to grow by a significant rate of 52 percent from the year 2019 to 2029.2 

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This means that there are many career opportunities waiting for you, especially in Maryland – ranked the second best state for nursing professionals. 

In Maryland, there are a total of 62 hospitals and healthcare systems that are in need of licensed practical nurses. 

Multi-state License 

Aside from the number of job openings, Maryland is an ideal location for nursing jobs since it is a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). 

NLC is a multi-state nursing license that allows you to practice in any participating state. The effort put into getting your NLC license is more than worth it since you can use it even after your stay in Maryland. 

As long as you choose another state that accepts NLC, you won’t need to go through the hassle of obtaining a state-specific license. 

A Role That’s Very Impactful 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for more than 275,000 nurses in the next seven years in the entire country.3 

In Maryland alone, there is a shortage of 3,900 nursing professionals. Officials are already worried that it will be a long-term problem that will affect the citizens of the state. 

If the state does not fill in the positions, the quality of public health will decline due to the lack of healthcare workers. 

If you choose to work in Maryland, you’re doing the citizens a favor. You’ll be helping people, young and old, to be healthy and stay away from sickness. You’ll be impacting many lives while also making a living. 

World-Class Institutions 

Of the 62 hospitals and healthcare systems mentioned earlier, three are nationally ranked. These top three medical institutions in Maryland are: 

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital – Nationally ranked in fifteen specialties and ten children’s specialties 
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center – Ranked nationally in 1 adult specialty and 1 pediatric specialty 
  • Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center – Acknowledged as high performing in thirteen different procedures. 

With so many choices of renowned hospitals and healthcare institutions, it truly is exciting to earn working experience as a registered nurse in Maryland. 

An Appealing Community and Lifestyle 

Another reason to become part of the Maryland travel nursing team is the community you can be a part of. 

Having openings for nurse jobs is great but you should also consider what your life will be like once you’ve migrated to the state. 

Here are some reasons why life in Maryland is ideal for a registered nurse like yourself. 

Competitive Salary 

One of the top considerations of travel nurses is compensation. Luckily, Maryland is known to have a higher than the average median wage for nursing professionals. Below is a short list of wages per year in Maryland based on research done in 2021: 

  • Personal Care Aides and Home Health – $28,110 
  • Nursing Assistants – $32, 570 
  • Registered Nurses – $79, 810 
  • Nurse Practitioners – $112,730 

Even if the economy shifts, you can rest assured that nursing professionals’ wages will remain to be livable and competitive especially since there is high demand. 

Beautiful Countryside 

Self-care is important for every healthcare professional to have. With this in mind, Maryland has more than 3,000 miles of coastline for you to enjoy during your self-care routine. 

Coastal towns also offer many fun and relaxing attractions. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the boardwalk of Ocean City while you watch the sunset on the horizon. 

Or you can watch wild horses grazing in their natural habitat in Assateague Island National Seashore. You can also go on a scenic walk along the 40-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail. 

If reconnecting with nature is an activity you see yourself doing, Maryland is definitely the place for you. 

Recreational Activities 

What if you want to do more than sightseeing? Don’t worry because Maryland offers a little something for everyone. 

If you’re more of a food enthusiast, you can visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to sample the fresh seafood they offer. Or if you prefer swimming with the fish rather than eating them, you can head to Deep Creek Lake State Park for aquatic activities. 

There are historic places like Fort McHenry for people who prefer educational trips and a hundred exciting rides in Six Flags America for those who prefer more adrenaline. 

Whatever type of activities you prefer, Maryland has something to offer you during your day off. 


If you want to work in a place with abundant career opportunities and beautiful surroundings, then Maryland may be the place for you. 

Here at PRS Global, our goal is to help you start your career in a place that meets all your needs. We see your potential and we want to be your guide in becoming a better practicing professional.  

Let’s have a conversation today to start your journey. 


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