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To be employed through direct hire staffing means being employed by the company itself, not by a staffing firm. While many jobseekers in and outside of nursing work with recruitment firms to finally land a job, a more considerable arrangement is to work for a firm responsible for placing them in a job post and giving them their salary. 

To be employed through direct hire staffing means being employed by the company itself, not by a staffing firm. While many jobseekers in and outside of nursing work with recruitment firms to finally land a job, a considerable arrangement is to work for the firm responsible for finding placements for them and giving them their salary. 

Take a look at these four major myths about direct hire nursing that may have passed by your attention one way or another. Also, read on to know about truths and trends you can bank your immigration and hiring hopes on, especially during the post-COVID era. 

FALSE: Direct hire nursing can only be done by applying directly to the company. 

Picture this: to assure you are employed under a specific hospital or medical facility, you will go straight to them and hand them over your resume. There is some hesitation for you to approach a staffing firm to help you find work because of the fees that may come for their service, and possibly you getting charged more after getting hired. Also, there might even be a lingering thought that to be employed by the firm might mean a lower salary. 

This is not always the case with recruitment partners. You can still be directly hired by medical institutions even if you seek the help of staffing partners. If this is what you truly want, make sure to iron out the details of your future employment right before you strike a deal with your staffing partner. So don’t be hesitant to ask for the help of a staffing partner if being directly hired is one of your concerns. 

FALSE: Coursing your immigration by being employed by a direct hire company will expedite your transfer to the US. 

The misnomer here is that since the company is already in the US, transferring to the said country will be a breeze. It only sounds logical to let the nurse into American territory right away so that they can perform their healthcare duties for the said institution. However, this is not the case, as the country should still be looking for “illegal aliens” or those entering the country without a valid reason. This is why there is still an immigration screening process. 

Immigration screening is a meticulous process that hopefully will end with a result that a person is entering the US under legal circumstances. Your immigration processing will include biographical reviews, background checks, and a thorough analysis of your intention to immigrate. 

On the side of your employer, there is no way for them to expedite your immigration, direct hire or not. In fact, there is a danger that your employment with the company may even be taken away from you during the process of immigration, as hiring someone within their reach would be easier to fill out the need for a nurse right away.  

It also boils down to the Priority Date of your visa application. The Priority Date is the date that your visa petition was filed. With this being said, there is no better way to expedite your visa application than through constant follow-ups with the immigration offices involved, and also not to miss deadlines and avoid going through the process again. Be prompt with submissions and payments to make sure your immigration is underway. 

FALSE: You’ll earn more with direct hire staffing than getting a job through a staffing firm. 

With questions such as how much do staffing agencies charge for direct hire or how big is the salary gap between who is or isn’t a direct hire, there is the thought that perhaps it’s better to seek employment straight with the company. Once again, nurses like you should not let themselves be blinded by such myths and look for salary figures yourself. 

There are a couple of factors to consider when looking around for the best hospital or healthcare company to compensate you as you immigrate to the US. First is the cost of living. Different states have different costs of living, and your daily expenditures will greatly impact your end profit. Also, take note that COVID-19 has done its worst to the rising prices of commodities. In the spring of 2020, grocery prices rose by 4.6 percent, and this is just at the start of the pandemic. 

Next is the prevailing wage of a state. The prevailing wage is the figure set by the US Government on each state, meaning it’s the same figure per state whether one was hired through a direct hire or a staffing partner. Put the cost of living in play here, and you get a good idea of how much you can potentially earn and save if you are to do nursing in a specific state. 

When looking for your potential full-time job in the US, make sure to also research the cost of living in the state that job is and juxtapose it to the expected monthly salary. It’s also a good idea to ask the direct hire company or the staffing firm what your benefits will be once employed at said place or work to see how much you are getting amidst the needed spending to maintain your lifestyle as an immigrant nurse. 

FALSE: Direct hire companies can assure that your visa application won’t be denied. 

Among common myths is the belief that you are a shoo-in for visa application if you are direct hire. Similar to a myth mentioned earlier, since you are to be employed at a US hospital or healthcare institution, it only follows that you should be given a visa. Once again, concerns over illegal aliens come to mind, as some can feign job hunting in the US just to be able to escape their home country. 

Instead of believing that you are automatically entitled to a US visa, there are some convictions, some of which are COVID-related, that improve your chance of being granted a visa for immigration:  

  • The country is in dire need of nurses. The American Healthcare Association estimates that 1.1 million nurses should be employed in the country by the end of 2022 to battle vacancies left by nurses. Take note that this number was identified pre-pandemic, so imagine the heightened demand during today’s post-COVID era. 
  • The State Department is being urged to expedite immigrant nurse visa applications. Because of the nursing shortage, nurses from across the globe are seeing the opportunity to work and move into the US. Sadly, there is a holdup of visa applications at the moment, including those that were supposedly handled in the past two years. There is significant movement from the public and concerned groups to fast-track said applications. 
  • Your contribution to diversity and inclusivity will be highly appreciated. A nursing workforce that celebrates inclusivity and diversity is what hospitals need right now. With America’s population continuing to grow as a melting pot of cultures, the need for nurses across the globe will help promote community through diversity in healthcare spaces. Your contribution to this movement as an immigrant nurse gives more than enough reason to be granted a visa. 


There’s no arguing if it’s a myth or not. PRS Global is your premiere staffing partner who understands your concerns regarding immigrating to the Land of Opportunities and your deep desire to serve as a nurse in this country that promises career prosperity. The staffing partner’s approach to your immigration journey is unique and full of guidance, as you will be assigned your own case manager to help usher you into a new life in the US. 

And that’s not all. You will be given assistance in procuring your nursing license and handling legal matters such as citizenship. Another feature of being employed in the PRS Global way is the time spent making sure you are assimilating well to a new living and working environment. This will be done alongside other fellow immigrant nurses like you, so you are not only taken care of as an individual but also as part of a growing community. 

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