Know Your Rights: What to Expect From Direct Hire Staffing Partners as a Global Nurse

As a nurse, you have probably learned of the global nursing shortage and how it is spelling impending doom for many healthcare facilities, particularly in the US. On the flip side, this means a lot of employment opportunities for professionals like you as a global nurse, so strike while the iron is hot. If you would like to go in the fast lane when it comes to getting employed right away, a direct-hire staffing partner may be your best bet.

However, while putting efforts of nursing recruitment into the hands of a staffing firm sounds like a brilliant idea, you are putting the future of your career in their hands. Before diving into the global nurse pipeline with the help of a nursing agency, determine first what your rights are and the staffing partner’s responsibilities. As a registered nurse, and more importantly, as a professional, you owe it to yourself to be informed and be protected.


A Direct Hire Staffing Partner Must Inform You of All Possible Job Opportunities

While the agency may not be able to list all vacancies in the entire USA, they must exhaust all possible job openings that match your profile as a prospective immigrant nurse. In your conversations with the direct hire staffing partner, they must be aware of your preferences when it comes to moving to America to pursue nursing.

Your healthcare staffing partner may start by informing you of the different placements you can opt for. Staffing agencies for nurses may offer any or all of the following employment arrangements:

  • Per Diem. Meaning “per day,” these placements usually last from one day to a number of weeks. These are meant to fill in last-minute cancellations, seasonal nursing shortages, or hospital demands during holidays.
  • Travel Nurse. Nurses can be assigned to various geographical locations, depending on the need of a certain area. Their shifts are usually shorter, coming from four to six hours and more if necessary. Travel nurses are often employed for a short-term contract.
  • Permanent Placements. Many hospitals are opting for nurses to no longer work part-time and stay with them for indefinite periods due to the nursing shortage. With permanent placement, nurses enjoy the benefits of a full-time employee, which may include insurance and paid leave.

Part of informing you of various job opportunities also matches you with the best hospital or medical facility to work in. A direct hire staffing partner must get to know what kind of patients you like to work with, your skill level, and your career growth preferences. Your staffing partner must also be well-informed of the growth opportunities they can offer and communicate these to prospective immigrant nurses.


You Must Be Assured That Legal Matters Are Ironed Out Before Entering The US

The direct hire healthcare staffing partner should also see to it that you are entering American borders through legal means. As a start, a nurse like you who’s pursuing immigration must be able to get an employment-based visa.

Applying for such starts with your employer obtaining a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor. After which, they will file an Immigration Petition for Alien Worker, or Form I-140. With this in mind, the direct hire staffing firm must work closely with employers in the US to ensure your visa is on its way as part of your preparations for moving abroad.

Another legal matter you should ask your staffing partner is how to procure the nursing license. All US states require the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, to make sure nurses have the appropriate knowledge and skills before being put into practice. Even before landing a job in the US, find out from the staffing partner if they are contributing to key steps in making sure you become a bona fide registered nurse.

A responsible staffing partner will be keen to list specific steps to help you get the license, even providing support in financing and applying for the examination. If you are left on your own to fend for these legal matters, you might want to get employment assistance somewhere else. Make sure that liabilities between you, the healthcare facility, and the staffing partner are well-defined.

It’s a given that before you sign a contract with your direct hire staffing partner, you should read the contract and go through it with a fine-tooth comb. All parties must define and understand the terms and conditions so that your immigration process will be seamless. One thing you have to put a spotlight on is the disparity of responsibilities between you and the two parties you are working with: the agency and the hospital or any medical facility that may employ you.

One thing to clarify is who you are an employee of. There have been legal cases wherein the healthcare facility’s liability does not extend to a nurse from a staffing partner because they are not “hospital employees.” It is not a surprise that in such cases, the term “employee” is ambiguous and in some cases not even defined. Especially with nurses on contract temporarily, they cannot be covered by the hospital in cases wherein malpractice is encountered if they are not “employed.”

Additionally, what are the responsibilities of the staffing firm in case legal matters come up during your employment? One thing about the nursing profession is that they can be found liable for a number of reasons because of their direct contact with patients. Studies have revealed that now more than ever, nurses are being sued for their behavior while on duty, and this seems negligence can stem from external factors, such as nursing burnout or lack of hospital manpower.

Knowing that a nurse like you is subject to such legal dangers, what will your staffing firm do about it in case? Will they be able to provide nurses liability insurance as a sort of protection? Or are these within the responsibility of the hospital once you are hired? Make sure to read your contract carefully before pushing forward with your staffing partner.



Becoming a global nurse sure has its challenges, which is why choosing a direct-hire staffing firm to help sounds like a big feat. But why choose any staffing firm when there is a group of healthcare operators and care providers who are willing to be your partner in your immigration journey? We at PRS Global are here to make your transition as a US nurse as smooth as possible.

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Any staffing firm may do you good, but here at PRS Global, we will make sure your rights as an immigrant nurse are valued and protected. Contact us now and be our partner for success.