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When hospitals struggle to fill temporary or permanent positions, nurse staffing services step in to help, they arrange contracts with various healthcare facilities, so registered nurses can work there. In the last few years, hiring international nurses has become increasingly popular to balance the supply and demand of nurses.  

However, the world of staffing is constantly changing. With the rise of more nursing staffing agencies, it can take time to figure out the best match. Nurses like you need to understand what mistakes you may make along the way, from finding one good firm to switching to another whenever the time and circumstances come.  

It takes work to switch staffing agencies. You never quite know what you will get, which can lead to a lot of stress. To steer you in the right direction, we have created this list of mistakes global nurses make when switching staffing partners.  

From discovering when it might be time to change your staffing partner to knowing what mistakes you could make, as well as resolutions to correct each error, this article can be your aid in finding the right recruitment firm.  

When Should You Change Your Recruiting Firm?  

Finding the ideal position from a pool of opportunities that suits your skill set and requirements as a candidate might take a lot of work. Verifying the legitimacy of certain promising recruiting firms may also take time and effort.   

It may be clear to you that choosing the right staffing partner has its benefits, but conversely, there will be drawbacks when you choose the wrong recruiting firm. Understanding what makes one staffing partner incompatible with your goals will help you make a more informed choice when addressing your staffing needs.  

To begin, healthcare staffing partners are responsible for offering employment arrangements that suit your needs. However, it might be time to start having second thoughts if your nursing staffing firm cannot even clarify offers such as “per diem”, travel placements, and permanent placements.  

Working with a recruitment firm may also seem expensive. Depending on your contract and set up, the cost of recruitment will vary. When you think that the value is greater than the benefit, you may choose to change your recruiting firm.   

Lastly, it is possible that the recruitment firm won’t be able to advertise the company right away. You won’t know if you are the best fit for the team because you will need to comprehend the organization fully. In some circumstances, recruiting services give people the best match for the role without assessing the cultural fit.   

If your recruiting firm does not consider your working environment and chooses to proceed headfirst, it may be wise to find another partner.  

Possible Errors You Can Make When Switching Staffing Partners  

Here are incorrect practices that you may perform along the way. This section can guide you to correct your actions and make wiser choices.   

1. Taking on exaggerated offers.   

Some staffing partners may overstate their capabilities. Regarding recruitment agencies, internet research can also be biased, limited, and multifaceted.   

With an enticing offer, you may switch to other staffing partners that you find attractive online but need help to meet your career needs.   

Solution: Remember to weigh the cost of living and other charges your staffing partner may present.  

2. Failure to consider cultural fit.  

The possibility that an applicant can fit in and adapt to the fundamental values and organizational behaviors that make up a company is known as cultural fit.   

Sometimes, when you switch to other staffing partners, there is a tendency to miss evaluating the cultural fit of candidates for the company.  

Solution: Ask your staffing partner the list of nursing facilities they affiliate with, and research different work groups within said facilities. They must also allow you to pick whichever organization suits you best.  

3. Receiving titles with mismatched tasks.  

Sometimes, you may find yourself in poorly defined positions that have little relation to your title in a mismanaged organization. You risk misaligning your position and role description if you do not carefully change staffing partners.  


  • Ask for the backgrounds of your partner’s affiliated nursing facilities. 
  • Determine whether the list of nursing facilities has a reputation for having a title and task mismatch
  • Present yourself in a way that tells you want the right role for your skills and experience.  

4. Being dishonest and misleading.  

It is crucial to communicate openly and honestly with your new staffing partner. Tell your recruiter, for instance, if a position is a little out of your grasp regarding abilities.  

The last thing you want is for your staffing partner to represent your skill set inaccurately and give you an uncomfortable position in your company.  

Solution: Be honest with your expectations as a travel nurse. Align that expectation with your experience and expertise, and your staffing partner may find means to provide you with what you need most.  

5. Going over the staffing partner’s head.  

Another frequent error when switching staffing partners is getting in touch with an employer directly while working with your staffing partner. Developing a relationship with the company and presenting you in the best light are both parts of the latter’s duty.  

Solution: If you are working with a staffing partner for a particular post, avoid applying for that position via other channels (mail, online, or in person) unless specifically instructed to do so. 

Clarity is Key  

Connecting you with potential employers also involves matching you with the ideal hospital or healthcare facility. Your preferred patients to work with, your skill level, and your choices for career advancement must all be known to your staffing partner. Moreover, staffing partners need to inform potential immigrant nurses about the career opportunities they could provide.   

The staffing partner should also ensure you are entering American territory legally. Nurses who want to immigrate should be able to obtain an employment-based visa as a starting point.   

It would be best if you also inquired about obtaining a nursing license from your staffing partner. Every US state requires nurses to write the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, to guarantee that they have the necessary knowledge and abilities before entering the workforce.   

Find out from the staffing partner whether they are supporting crucial actions to ensure that you become a legitimately registered nurse even before you secure employment in the US.  

What obligations does the staffing firm have when you have legal issues while working there? One aspect of the nursing profession is that due to their close contact with patients, they may be held accountable for various offenses.   

What will your staffing company do when a nurse like you gets exposed to such legal risks? Before moving forward with your staffing partner, be sure that they have laid down, with full transparency, all their actions and intentions.  

The Best Staffing Partners Work with You and for You  

While companies entrust their staffing partner with recruiting nurses, you, on the other hand, are entrusting them with the future of your professional career. You should first determine your rights and the obligations of the staffing partner before taking part in their global nurse candidate pipeline.   

With the right nursing staffing firm, you can be confident you will work with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.   

You Won’t Go Wrong Working with PRS Global  

With all the hurdles that becoming an international travel nurse may bring, choosing a direct-hire staffing partner to assist in your search may become difficult.  

But PRS Global has got your back. Our primary goal is to create the most convenient transition to becoming a US travel nurse. Many professionals have found their place in the US healthcare sector because of PRS Global’s brilliant guidance for international nurses.  

We help our nurses be at their best by assisting with legal issues, including citizenship and licensure.  

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