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What to Expect from PRS Job Fair as A Nurse

This year, the United States is issuing more visas for nurses. With thousands of job opportunities waiting for you, now is the best time to pursue your dream of being an international travel nurse. Don’t miss the chance to check out the month-long PRS Job Fair!  

Joining a job fair has never been this easy. Just get an assessment in five easy steps—all done online. Forget long lines and endless queues. PRS Global is committed to going the extra mile for you. Explore the world. Learn the trade. If you’re what we’re looking for, hand in your application today! 

Introducing the PRS Fast Pass 

The PRS Fast Pass is our fully automated application platform designed to speed up the entire recruitment process. Send in an application by following these few easy steps: 

  1. Visit PRS Job Fair. 
  2. Fill out the form. 
  3. Click Submit. 
  4. Do the 60-second assessment. 
  5. Get the Fast Pass confirmation email. 

What You Need 

To be eligible for a Fast Pass here’s all that you need: 

You MUST have a Degree in Nursing. 

A bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited nursing education program is an absolute must-have. 

You MUST have Experience Working as an RN 

We value the expertise you bring to the table. 

You MUST have Passed the NCLEX-RN 

You’ll need a certification that you passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. 

Medical Facilities in 7 States Need You 

  • Georgia  
  • Indiana  
  • Missouri  
  • Maryland 
  • North Carolina 
  • Ohio 
  • Pennsylvania 

PRS Unique Services 

Personalized Case Management 

Rest assured that your application will never get lost in the recruitment funnel, nor will it lay unnoticed on file. Our personalized case manager will handle your application from start to finish.  

Your peace of mind is important to us. We make sure you have all the support you need to complete all your requirements. Our PRS case managers will make sure to keep in touch and walk you through any hurdle you might encounter. 

Concierge Services Once You Land in the US 

Taking on a life-changing endeavor can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. So, PRS Global has made it a mission to welcome you home. We will meet you with open arms right from the moment you land.  

Direct Placement to the Medical Facility of Your Choice 

You’ll have 100% control over your professional career. You can choose where you want to work with no probation period. PRS Global provides the peace of mind that you will be placed in a stable work environment, get the best compensation package, and have access to all the professional advancement opportunities. 

Licensing and Immigration Assistance 

Throughout the recruitment process, you will never feel alone. We will help you navigate the complex procedure of completing all your visa and licensing requirements. PRS Global paves the way for you to get to the US legally and safely. 

Premium Processing 

We work hard and fast! Our premium service fast-tracks your VISA processing. Less processing time means you get to start working sooner—one fast-tracked step ahead toward your dream.  

PRS Global’s visa issuance of choice is the EB-3 Visa, otherwise known as Green Card. This particular visa lets you stay for however long you like and sponsor your family to move and join you in the US. We see a bright future for you, and we will stop at nothing to help you turn it into reality. 

Perks and Benefits 

✅ Competitive compensation packages 

✅ Three-year guaranteed contract in a permanent position 

✅ Healthcare insurance benefits 

✅ Green Card sponsorship 

✅ Reimbursements for licensing fees 

✅ Help acquiring your Social Security number (SSN) and opening your bank account 

✅ Transportation assistance through the International Auto Company 

✅ Relocation cost including airfare* and housing for the first month 

✅ Free legal counsel for immigration concerns throughout the petition process 

*Subject to terms and conditions 

Why Trust PRS Global 

PRS holds your hand from the moment you send in your application until you settle into your new job. We build long-lasting relationships and provide clinical and human resources support throughout your contract duration. We provide only the best services for our very own. With PRS Global, you’re family.  

PRS Global Core Values 

  • We always act with integrity and strive to do the right thing.  
  • We serve with compassion and empathy. 
  • We cultivate a workplace of excellence and accountability. 
  • We view ourselves in the big picture and tirelessly find ways to improve and innovate. 
  • We are committed to creating an environment that is reliable, balanced, and healthy.  
  • We consider the PRS Global legacy in all of our actions. 

Our Mission 

PRS Global’s mission is to be a trusted and plentiful source of hope, help, and healing for America’s healthcare provider organizations. 


Don’t rely too much on what we say, let our actions and patrons speak louder than our words. Here’s what our nurses say about us: 

“Composed of experienced team members in helping and assisting medical professionals achieve their American dream. Thank you, PRS Global!Macoy Geron 

“I have reached the greatest milestone in my life of being in the US with the help of PRS Global. Since the start of my application and up until I stepped into the US soil, they have been extremely transparent in every step of the immigration process. The people behind this reputable company makes them more compelling and reliable.”Glenn Saporno 

“PRS Global is highly recommended; filing is premium and will assist you in everything that you need in preparation for your immigration here in the USA. They are very responsive to queries and questions and will assist you even if you are already deployed. Employees are very friendly and professional, all in all, a 5-star kind of company!Zhyla Desamparado 

“I was amazed with how PRS Global helped me achieve my American dream. From the time I was interviewed by my employer, I was able to arrive in the USA in just 11 months. They expedite everything, and the premium processing of visas is a plus. I am now living here in Pennsylvania with my family. I will always be grateful to PRS Global.” Manilyn Villafuerte Musico 

“I highly recommend PRS Global to all my fellow nurses and health professionals who are aspiring to live and work here in the USA. My experience with them has been smooth and just wonderful. From all the paperwork during the application process until the moment my family and I arrived here, they were very efficient and hands-on with our needs (they would even guide you on your first grocery shopping).  

They have also matched me with a very good employer who has been understanding of my adjustment period during my first few weeks at work. Even after the few months that we have settled here in Evansville, Indiana, they never failed to check on us once in a while.  

Thank you so much, PRS Global, for helping me realize my dream of coming here. I feel happy every time I see more Filipino nurses coming. You are making dreams come true!Lorlie Faith Gardose 


You are one click away from realizing your dreams! Change your life. Make a difference. Be part of the PRS Global family. We can’t wait to hear from you!