Recruiters or companies consider many factors when hiring an individual. Some potential hires get away with sheer charisma and simply charm themselves towards the job offer. But any staffing professional knows better that beyond a cordial attitude and professionalism in meeting simple tasks like arriving on time, one should be scrutinized for job skills. At the end of the day, applicants are to perform a role they will be paid for, so their credentials should do the talking. 

This is the very gist of ethical recruitment and something that aspiring nurses like yourself should be adhering to, especially if you are vying for a job overseas, like in the US, for example. So why is ethical recruitment important, and why should a future immigrant nurse like you care? Your passion for the nursing profession is already a tell-tale sign that you will not put any employment opportunity to waste, but through ethical recruitment, you are assured that you’re poised to do the best job you can do. 

What is ethical recruitment? 

It’s easy to look into small and undeniably important nuances when evaluating if an applicant is a good hire or not. For example, saying “thank you” in follow-up emails, arriving on time for an interview, and how the applicant treated building staff on his way out of your office are pleasant things to learn about a potential employee. Chances are, these are deciding factors to give someone a job offer. But in the viewpoint of ethical recruitment, these are only the tip of the iceberg. 

This is the simplest way to explain ethical recruitment: hiring someone out of merit and through transparency and fairness. Ethical recruitment centers on evaluating applicants based on the job role they are vying for and how efficient they will be when placed in that role. Through ethical recruitment, the correct placement of new hires is achieved, and they perform their job well, which leads to many benefits for the hired professional and the company they will serve.  

One thing to note about ethical hiring practices is that it focuses on quality over quantity. Therefore, it assures that a job vacancy is filled with someone who will really do well when placed in that specific responsibility. Compared to other hiring methods such as speed-hiring or mass recruitment, ethical recruitment will not pursue the hiring process just because there is a mere vacancy. 

Ethical recruitment aims to find the right person for the job by looking at the person’s background and skills and how these are a perfect fit for what the company needs. On the flip side, there is unethical recruitment, which tends to lure jobseekers into openings that have little to no relevance to their skills as professionals. Unethical hiring practices usually lead to high employee attrition rates and burnout in the workplace. 

There are numerous proponents of ethical recruitment, especially for international nurses like you. 

Various organizations are expressing their support of going only through the pathway of ethical recruitment to put immigrant nurses into the right companies and jobs, allowing them to perform their tasks well as healthcare workers without worrying about losing employment. Through efforts to protect international nurses in their want to pursue a job abroad, companies and recruitment agencies are pushed to only hire nurses through ethical means. 

The Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, or Alliance for short, is dedicated to ensuring that foreign-educated nurses find jobs in the US only through fair and transparent means. Alliance is a non-profit organization that immigrant nurses working or intending to work in America can approach to get to know their rights as potential hires and how they can access community resources that can further educate them on their rights. 

On the other hand, the International Council of Nurses, or ICN, has called for the use of ethical recruitment as a means to counteract the looming nursing shortage. The World Health Organization has identified that the global nursing shortage, including midwives, will add up to nine million by the year 2030. 

However, merely hiring international nurses isn’t the solution. Ethical recruitment in the placement of nurses is key in assuring that the right nurses know where they will be assigned and why their skills and background put them in that job role. By placing nurses in jobs, they will truly be passionate about, serving as a nurse becomes a lifelong endeavor, which is hopefully the goal of ethical recruitment. 

Why is ethical recruitment important for aspiring international nurses like you? 

Ethical recruitment does have its benefits for anyone searching for job placement. However, for immigrant nurses like you, ethical recruitment has additional value in helping you find a job that will truly be worthwhile:  

  • There is alignment between your passion and your job role. Ethical recruitment will consider all necessary factors so that aspiring international nurses like you will be in a company and position close to your dedication as a healthcare worker. By being in a job that you actually like, you are assured of serving in that position for a long time, which is also equitable to the company and community you will care for.  
  • You are pushed to become an excellent version of yourself. Professionals who maintain their passion for their work often want to be further challenged. They ask for more responsibilities and even look into branching out into other aspects of their job, even moving up the corporate ladder. This can be a possibility for you, but this will only start if you are placed in a job position that will support your passion.

    Ethical recruitment is a great start to your venture into further career pathways. Especially since the nursing shortage has led to many nursing positions being opened, you can think about branching out into other means to serve as a nurse. Through ethical recruitment, you learn to love the nursing career more, that you’ll want to level up.  
  • Efforts to migrate and look for a job won’t go to waste. Imagine landing a job in the US but eventually leaving it due to a mismatch in a job role or company. We all know that immigration is a daunting process that takes away a lot from everyone: time, effort, and money.

    Ethical recruitment will ensure that whatever you have given up as an immigrant nurse will be honored as necessary sacrifices. The perfect role in the perfect company will make you feel everything is worth it. 


If you are a hopeful nurse who would like to serve the US as an immigrant healthcare worker, your best bet is to have a dedicated staffing partner assist you in living your dream soon. PRS Global was created by healthcare professionals and care providers who understand this passion of yours as a nurse and will be fully supportive in helping you pursue a rewarding healthcare career, of course, through ethical means. 

The key to ethical recruitment is assisting a new hire as their start in their new job role, and PRS Global has been keen on doing this. As a staffing partner, we will assist you in maintaining that balance and well-being through care programs that will help you assimilate to a new work and living environment and check on your progress as you explore your new job role. 

PRS Global is also determined to always achieve higher standards. This is why we put great effort into matching you with the best company and job role and also in giving you a briefing on possible career developments you may have in your new role. The best job role for you means you will perform at your best, towards only the highest of standards. 

If ethical recruitment is the right way, then let PRS Global lead you on your pathway towards a fulfilling career and life as a US immigrant nurse. Contact PRS Global today.