Filling nursing positions efficiently in your facilities is crucial for its success. The need for skilled nurses is pressing and finding them quickly is essential to ensuring your patients’ well-being. If you’re looking for competent nurses, a simple yet effective solution is partnering with a healthcare staffing firm. PRS Global stands out among the numerous choices. 

Discovering the distinct benefits of choosing PRS Global for your nursing staff requirements is the key to resolving your critical staffing challenges. With a collective century of healthcare experience, our team offers expertise and unwavering reliability.  

By embracing a partnership with PRS Global, you’ll discover a commitment to a strategic and sustainable approach to staffing that prioritizes quality care for your patients. 

Why Healthcare Employers Need Staffing Firms? 

The ongoing nurse staffing shortage in the U.S. directly affects patient outcomes. It is estimated that over 200,000 registered nurses (RNs) will be needed yearly to fill these openings.¹

If you want to address the shortages in your facilities, working with a staffing firm that specializes in the healthcare industry is one of your best options. They have access to a vast pool of the industry’s best candidates. 

This approach offers convenience as the firm handles candidate sourcing and screening, allowing you to concentrate on managing your existing healthcare workforce and delivering care. 

Why PRS Global is Your Ideal Staffing Partner 

If you are looking for a sustainable healthcare staffing provider, PRS Global is your best choice. Our team comprises seasoned experts with a century of combined healthcare experience. We handle the end-to-end process of sourcing, screening, placing, and transitioning high-caliber nursing professionals seamlessly. 

Here are more ways to empower your hospital or healthcare facility through our process. 

Access a Global Pool of Diverse Nursing Professionals 

A diverse team in health care enhances the quality of patient care. It fosters a sense of connection, where care providers share common attributes with their patients, be it race, ethnicity, or gender. 

This shared understanding enhances communication, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction. Providers can better grasp patients’ cultural backgrounds and beliefs. 

Currently, the RN population is dominated by 81 percent white/Caucasians, while Asian RNs only account for 7.2 percent, making them the largest non-Caucasian race in the job. In contrast, the Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) population is predominantly Caucasian at 69.5 percent, with African Americans at 17.2 percent.²

According to the Census Bureau, minority group members in the U.S. will increase from 37 percent to 57 percent of the population in 2060. This means that healthcare facilities would need to hire more diversely to address the evolving needs of the population in the upcoming years.³ 

PRS Global ensures that we deliver highly qualified, thoroughly vetted healthcare professionals and nurses to address your facility’s staffing shortages. 

Our search for exceptional and dedicated nurses spans the globe, reaching culturally rich regions like the Philippines and countries with abundant qualified nursing talent. The result? An unlimited supply of nurses is at your disposal. 

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Partner with Nurses via Cost-Effective Permanent Placements 

Other agencies usually charge substantial ongoing residuals or hourly fees, which can accumulate over time. Moreover, they often employ healthcare professionals on contract or temporary arrangements. Once these contracts conclude, the burden of renewal or finding replacements falls on your shoulders.  

This cycle can become a hassle at some point, especially if you are looking for nurses who will work with you for years or even decades. 

For cost-effective and streamlined staffing, consider our direct hiring or permanent placements. PRS Global offers a one-time placement fee for each qualified RN, and these professionals become your direct employees, ensuring long-lasting commitment. 

Swiftly Access Global Nurses Anywhere in the U.S

You might assume that hiring international nurses involves lengthy delays before they join your team. However, PRS Global expedites the process, bringing healthcare professionals from overseas to your U.S. location within 9 months. 

On top of this, you can broaden your pipeline by hiring up to 100 nurses monthly with our assistance. 

We Make Sure You Hire the Best Candidates in Healthcare 

Our team understands that hiring highly qualified healthcare professionals you can rely on to improve patient care is critically important. This is why we make the effort of sourcing worldwide and meticulously vet only the best nurses, physical therapists, and med techs who can bring growth to your organization.  

The nurses and other professionals we submit to you receive offers 99 percent of the time, a testament to their skill in the field. 

We Support Global Nurses so They Can Flourish with You 

PRS Global understands that moving overseas to pursue a nursing career can be a nerve-wracking process and experience for nurses. They face the challenge of relocating to a foreign country with an unfamiliar culture and no prior acquaintances. 

Our dedicated team ensures that the global nurses we introduce to you receive the support they need, allowing them to thrive in their roles at your facility. 

We do this by handling their employment requirements, relocation, and various needs through our comprehensive Bright HorizonsTM Program. 

Our program guides international nurses through the significant transition of relocating and working in a new environment. We assist them in passing licensure exams, support living and relocation costs, and connect them with insights from other directly hired nurses who have thrived in U.S. employment. Our goal is to ensure their comfort and success in their new surroundings. 

Through this program, we support international nurses as they take on the giant leap of moving and working in a new environment. We provide them with assistance for their licensure exams to make sure they pass. We also help them with their living and relocation expenses, even introducing them to other directly hired nurses who have flourished in their U.S. employment to ensure they will be comfortable where they stay. 

Additionally, our team assists them in obtaining visas and addressing immigration requirements to ensure their seamless employment with you. We cover the expenses associated with legal filings and requirements or offer reimbursements for candidates who have already secured the necessary licensure documents. 

PRS Global will care for you and the global nurses under your employment. 

Directly hiring nurses from overseas can help your facility address the shortage it is going through. This means that your nurses can eventually have more time for each assigned patient and provide them with the best quality care they can. 

Trust PRS Global to bring you the best nurses. We’ll take care of them from their home country to yours so they can seamlessly thrive in your facility without any worries. 

Take it from one of our global nurses, Zhyla Desamparado: 

“PRS Global is highly recommended; filing is premium and will assist you in everything that you need in preparation for your immigration here in the USA. They are very responsive to queries and questions and will assist you even if you are already deployed. Employees are very friendly and professional, a 5-star kind of company.” 

This testimonial reflects the positive experiences of nurses like Zhyla, who found value in partnering with PRS Global for their healthcare staffing needs. It underlines the commitment of PRS Global to providing excellent service and support to healthcare professionals. 


Warmly welcome global nurses to your team with PRS Global’s direct hiring. They will be delighted to work with you in providing excellent patient care. Let’s be partners in bringing them closer to their dream of becoming a U.S. nurse. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. 


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