The United States continues to hire immigrant nurses today to strengthen the healthcare workforce. This increase in number is a shot at finding professionals who can master every method and steer through any situation in the medical field.  

Your college degree sowed the seeds of learning, and your local hospital allowed you to apply teachings to real-life situations. All these experiences have led you to want further growth—to be a global nurse. But would those desires alone be enough to handle the pressures in the medical field?  

Changes in the healthcare industry occur by the day. To keep up with this constant development, you should be in touch with the latest published studies and collective lessons from fellow nurses. But do you know you can access a vast library of information anytime through your fingertips?  

This article will list must-have resources for current and aspiring global nurses. In the end, you will find a compilation of materials that will make learning compelling again while you find the inspiration to be a better nurse.  

The resources in this article include the best nursing podcasts, websites, blogs, and webinars. We also listed three books that you can download online. 


1. Straight A Nursing Podcast 

To date, this is a 200+ episode podcast series tackling everything under nursing. The podcast includes academic topics to help ace the NCLEX and more cases grounded in real-life situations with their “day-in-the-life” episodes. In addition, technical topics such as care practices for bipolar disorder patients are also available. 

While this is a nursing podcast, Straight A Nursing also has a webpage of its own where study guides and online courses can improve your learning in the medical field. On their page, you can even find testimonials of its effectiveness from both student and practicing nurses.  

2. Good Nurse Bad Nurse 

This nursing podcast tackles the best and seemingly worst parts of the medical field. Good Nurse Bad Nurse, as the title implies, has episodes structured with two halves. The first half focuses on one story from a medical professional who found inspiration or growth in their career, while the final half centers on errors and dangers that may come with the job. 

As a motivation and inspiration, this podcast is worth listening to by nurses who aim to digest every part of their profession – good and bad. “Good Nurse RaDonda Vaught, Bad Internal Medicine Doctor” can be a starter episode if you want to learn more about this series. 

3. Daily Nurse – A Podcast for Nurses by Nurses 

While technical topics such as nursing informatics or DNP (doctorate of nursing practice) are still discussed, this podcast mainly revolves around how these ideas affect nurses in their actual practice. Its page, consequently, focuses on leading nurses to hospitals with vacant positions in their organizations while giving aspiring nursing students ideas about specific universities that can help their education goals. 

Joe Morita, the host of this travel nurse podcast, interviews nurse leaders, professors, and other professionals related to the field who give their take on these topics. This realistic approach produces an effect fitting to its title – actionable results “for nurses, by nurses.” 

4. Lab Values Podcast by 

This nursing podcast focuses on technical topics alone. It aims to help nursing students top their exams and nursing professionals with their daily interaction with laboratory results. One of their latest episodes, “cholesterol,” mentions everything from its laboratory abbreviation to the causes of increased and decreased levels. 

Still staying true to its academic nature, its webpage also offers a simulation of NCLEX for aspiring nurses while providing practice exams for nursing students at the same time. Topics such as pharmacology and obstetrics are also sorted into videos that you can browse freely. 

5. The Nurse Keith Show 

Keith Carlson hosts a nurse educator podcast, where topics of certain fields are tackled. One of the episodes, “Transforming Pandemic Fatigue by Crafting Your Mission Statement,” is a much-needed one for registered nurses who seem burned out by the burdens of their current medical status. 

This nursing podcast focuses on nursing career management by making it entertaining and informative at the same time. Episodes entitled “Aligning Your Career with Your Values and Well-Being” and “20 Things You Need to Know About Your Nursing Career Right Now” are examples of this. 

Blogs, Websites, and Webinars 

1. PRS Global 

Our webpage covers blogs for both nurses and their employers. Nursing professionals, especially travel nurses, can gain greatly from these articles. Blogs on our page mention everything from the immigration process to dealing with your nurse managers and tackling topics such as mental health and burnout. 

On the other hand, healthcare employers can also benefit as blogs from our page include proper handling of floating and float nurses, handling the current nursing shortage, and even promoting diversity within the medical workspace. 

Moreover, our web page can help nursing professionals with their aspirations of becoming global nurses. It directs you to people ready to help you find medical institutions willing to employ the best nurses. In addition, PRS Global holds an online job fair where you can send your details and then communicate with you to find the best organizations, quick and hassle-free.  

2. National Association of School Nurses 

NASN offers virtual nursing webinars and in-person seminars from which nurses like you can gain knowledge. Some of their latest webinars include “Tune In to Safe Healthcare: A CDC Webinar Series” and “Hand Hygiene Courses for Healthcare Providers.” 

Within NASN Learning Center, several nursing webinars have a compilation of videos and practice questions. These are grouped into several “tool kits,” which you can use to increase your learnings in the medical field. 

3. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses  

This webpage centers mainly on holding free nursing webinars on critical-care topics. One of their nursing webinars, entitled “Impact of Skin Color on SpO2 Detection of Hypoxemia,” introduces the effect of darker skin tones on patient care experiencing hypoxemia. 

You can receive certificates from free nursing webinars by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). You can also acquire contact hours once you have finished the entire webinar. These collected hours can then be presented to complete the Continuing Education Recognition Program required by the US government.   


1. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology: For Nursing and Healthcare Students 

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology covers everything you need to know about the structure and the status of the human body. The third edition of this book was published in 2020 and is ideal for first-year nursing students and veteran nurses wanting refreshers for essential topics.  

From fully illustrated body parts to comprehensive quizzes, this book is a must for nurses and other medical professionals. They can use this book as a reference for specific cases and how to perform optimal care with such. 

2. Study Guide for Pharmacology for Nursing Care 

This pharmacology book for nurses focuses on the effect of drugs on the body and vice versa; and what their implications mean for nursing care.   

Study Guide for Pharmacology for Nursing Care also mimics the style of questioning NCLEX has, which can attune students to what they will encounter before acquiring their license. This book is also a must for many practicing nurses as they can use it as a reference to drugs (or corresponding adverse effects) they may be unfamiliar with acting accordingly. 

3. Saunders Nursing Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 

In addition to the podcast for laboratory values, this textbook stands as a reference when noticing the presence of critical results to handle them properly. 

While students can use this with their examinations, staff nurses and nurse leaders will benefit even more from this book as they handle laboratory results daily. Of course, nursing interventions are useful on their own, but their effectiveness can be felt best when nurses correlate laboratory values with current patient conditions. 

The Best Global Nurses: Big Minds, Bigger Hearts 

The best global nurses study with their hearts on the line. They continue learning how to be accurate and precise because they know their profession is one that could literally save lives. They study how to be better colleagues and subordinates, so they can work more seamlessly with the organization’s goal of prioritizing patients. Lastly, great global nurses deepen their knowledge because they aim to cater and suffice to patients’ actual needs. 


PRS Global is a healthcare staffing agency with the goal of leading great nurses into great medical institutions. Your desire to constantly learn could make you one of the best global nurses. With our help, that desire can be partnered with organizations ready to present you to diverse fields you can practice on! 

Having doubts about our claims? Read testimonials from your fellow nurses. This might help you decide which path to take. If you aspire to be like one of them, reach out to us and let us get working toward your nursing goals!