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How To Hunt for The Best Direct Hire Nursing Partner in the US Today 

Are you ready to live the American dream as an immigrant nurse in the US? With the nursing shortage dawning upon the country, there is an added need for nurses across the globe to flock over to the Land of Opportunities. Especially when the world is beginning to open up again, maybe this is the right time for you to look into bringing your nursing skills to America.

Have you considered availing yourself of the help of a direct staffing partner? Nurses like you have a lot of competition, and the service of a direct-hire nursing partner will help you propel your application forward. But before asking for assistance with direct placement with the first staffing firm you see, take a look at the following considerations in choosing a direct staffing partner.


Do The Work First Through Extensive Research

The US has always been welcoming of international nurses. Foreign-educated nurses have always been part of the American healthcare workforce for at least 70 years. This is good motivation for you to give it a shot to be employed here, as your expertise is certainly welcome.

But going through the global nurse pipeline with hundreds of healthcare professionals across the globe diminishes your chances of grabbing the opportunity right away. A direct staffing partner will surely assist you in choosing which jobs to apply for and which companies will give you the best experience as an immigrant nurse.

Take note, though, that just like any product or service, some consumer research is necessary. Ask the following questions to gauge if you are approaching a direct-hire staffing partner you can work with well:

    • What are your objectives in being hired, and what firm can meet those objectives? Start with planning out your dream overseas hiring experience. For example, would you be interested in becoming an international travel nurse or a permanent employee at a hospital or medical facility? Are you up to be hired in a part-time capacity? Do you plan to explore other career possibilities in the US related to nursing? Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve as a US nurse, looking for a direct hire firm to assist you with those becomes easier.
    • What is the total cost of service, and what is its coverage? When asking about the services of a prospective direct hire staffing firm, don’t just ask for the overall price. Take a look at a breakdown of fees to know your money’s worth and to what extent they will be assisting you in your job search. You might also want to read your contract with them thoroughly upon deciding to go with a specific job firm. You wouldn’t want to be surprised with fees you didn’t agree to. It’s a grave mistake to go for the nursing staffing firm with the lowest price. Chances are they could be cutting corners and shortchanging you in the job-hunting process. Be wary of this as you compare pricing between possible direct hire partners.
    • What is the staffing partner’s entire process? Different hiring firms mean different job hunt processes. The differences may lie in the firm’s entire workforce, what is the scope of its reach in terms of company clients, and how experienced the direct staffing partner is. Take a look at timetables as well. Between wanting to be hired right away and just passively looking into nursing jobs in the US, processes can be different. Taking a look at how the nursing staffing partner will handle your sense of urgency should help you decide if they are the right people to entrust your employment to.

Look Into Staffing Partners That Will Ease You into an American Living Environment

It’s all great opportunities and a promise of a wonderful life right now, but expect your viewpoint of living in the US to change once you set foot in this foreign land. Be ready to be bombarded by an influx of cultures, as the country is also a melting pot of nationalities.

When looking for a direct hire nursing partner, they should have an initiative set to ease you up with possible culture shock. Some sort of “cultural onboarding program”1 should be in place so that you won’t bear being overwhelmed with a new living environment for a long time.


Ask About Legal Assistance the Direct Staffing Partner Can Offer

It’s no secret that coming into a foreign land has its legal hurdles to overcome. Immigration is the foremost concern, as persons coming into the country have to be screened and documented properly before they are allowed to enter. There is also the question of citizenship if the immigrant would like to eventually gain a Green Card. Also, professional licensure is required to be a bona fide working and earning professional in their field.

Don’t forget to include these concerns as you ask which direct hiring partners will best lead you to a fulfilling life in the US. Especially if you will be spending money on their services, you’d like to have all bases covered, particularly legal matters that could halt your move into the US.


Your Direct Hire Partner Should Offer Continued Support

Some hiring agencies would already bid farewell to nurses they have given jobs to. Come to think of it: it would be a beautiful thing to have a direct-hire nursing partner check on you once in a while. This could be a good reputational reference for them as well, if they are sending nurses like you to reputable medical institutions and if they should still put that company within their roster.

Continued support can also come in the form of building a community of hired nurses going through the same experience. Homesickness is only one of the many battles of immigrant nurses, but the burden becomes lighter through the help of others experiencing the same thing. Will your prospective direct hiring be able to give continued support?



It may be hard to imagine that the criteria discussed above are all met by one premiere direct hiring partner for nurses like you. When it comes to handling the job application and immigration for overseas nurses, PRS Global’s services are unmatched. Our specialized team will be at their most helpful in escorting you to a life of success as a US nurse.

The BrightHorizonsTM Program is our pride and joy here in PRS Global. This program has helped many new nurses acclimate to life in the US by adjusting to a foreign work environment and understanding cultures and customs that may seem new at first. Also, the program has been key in keeping a community of nurses active in supporting each other as they go through life as immigrant nurses. And yes, we at PRS Global may be tapped for assistance with license procurement, preparing for US citizenship, and expenses concerning relocation and travel.

Aside from these services we offer, we can also assure you of the following services:

  • Personalized Case Management. Handling a plethora of applications at once will only lead to a blanket approach with individuals with differing concerns. PRS Global will not do this, as there are personalized case managers who will focus on your application from start to finish. These managers will reach out to you for every milestone of your job hunt, so you will stay informed.
  • Concierge Services. Expect our open arms and welcoming smiles once you land in the US. It has been our mission to stay with you in your professional journey, and no better way to attest to it but to witness your first steps on American soil.
  • Premium Processing. Stay calm as you wait for results because we work hard and fast! A streamlined VISA process will mean you will work at the soonest possible. Also, we are here to help you get the EB-3 visa, which will enable you to stay in the US for as long as you wish. Be confident that you will have time to see how far you’ll go as an immigrant nurse.

At PRS Global, we’ll hold your hand once you submit your application and be there to celebrate your every victory as an immigrant nurse. We can’t wait to welcome you into the family. Contact us now.