No matter how urgent filling positions is, the need to get to know potential hires better and put them in the best job opening still proves beneficial both to the individual and the company. While mass hiring or a sped-up hiring process do fill out vacancies quickly, hasty recruitment decisions may lead to higher attrition rates and going back to the drawing board again and again.   

A case in point would be the current global nursing scene. In contrast, the healthcare industry and the exodus of nurses in the past years inflicted pressure on healthcare companies. Some efforts to still evaluate new nurses’ backgrounds and preferences will help in putting them at the right starting point in their careers. This is where the help of the concierge services of a staffing partner is the optimum choice.  

Please get to know what makes a candidate concierge service the best way to employ competent and passionate nurses across the globe and empower them during the entire recruitment process, even while they are assimilating to a significant change in their lives. Whether you are an aspiring immigrant nurse or are looking to hire them, read on to see if this type of staffing should be your only choice.   

Hospitality through hiring: it’s what candidate concierge is all about.  

The word “concierge” carries more familiarity in the field of hotel management, but when used in recruitment, it shares the same goal. Candidate concierge services aim to assist applicants with recruitment through personalized interactions, timely responses, and an overall outlook that the candidate must be attended to until they leave the hiring process.  

Think of it this way. Aspiring immigrant nurse may send their resume to all job openings they’ll see on various job boards or “We’re Hiring!” posts on LinkedIn. While there’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best and praying at least these companies notice them, a concierge direct-hire staffing partner will be the one to lobby for healthcare organizations to get the nurse hired.  

While it’s the least any staffing partner could do to lead every nurse toward employment, it’s a different story for concierge staffing partners. They’ll get to know the applicant nurse further. What are their preferences in locations and healthcare environments? They might even be the ones to speak for nurse applicants because these staffing partners know how to do it well.   

Why should prospective immigrant nurses approach a concierge direct-hire staffing partner?  

The global demand for nurses is at an all-time high, particularly in the United States. By 2025, the country will be short by roughly 2.1 million nurses, and outsourcing nurses is the best logical move to prepare for this shortage.  

However, while the American dream is truly enticing, immigration can sometimes be challenging. Starting one’s life and career abroad is a significant and exciting decision. Once the nurse has stepped inside the Land of Opportunities, a journey with not too many challenges awaits them:  

      • Adjustments to a new environment. Changing seasons, higher costs of living, and a whole new set of unspoken social rules: can overwhelm any immigrant. Add that to homesickness, and thinking about loved ones left at home can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. 

      • Legal and relocation expenditures. Nurses have to take the NCLEX to get licensed and attend to their citizenship if they intend to work in the USA for a long time. Also, looking for a place to stay and monthly rental dues can be a pain.  

These are just some of the concerns an immigrant nurse has to consider beyond getting that dream job. Believe it or not, a direct-hire staffing partner’s concierge services will guide them throughout their journey even after being hired. And yes, PRS Global is here for you.  

Why is there no other staffing partner for nurses like PRS Global Services?  

PRS Global is an authority regarding concierge candidate recruitment for nurses. Beyond getting that job, we want our nurse hires to go further with career opportunities, experience ease in job processing, and feel pampered as they adjust to new living and working surroundings. In other words, we take care of the caretakers.   

A consciousness guides the PRS Global recruitment experience to the concerns of immigrant nurses about this significant life change. What’s also noteworthy is that the care doesn’t stop at being hired. There is more to the guidance we give than just making sure an immigrant nurse gets the job:  

      • Unapologetic about being personal. Each nurse has their own story to tell, and we must always listen to each one. We tailor-fit the immigration and hiring process to the nurse’s preferences and not just lead them to employment willy-nilly. Taking a chance through PRS Global does not require applicants to let go of their individuality.  

      • Paperwork, processes, sponsorships, it’s on us. Yes, we will sponsor necessary expenditures you’ll have during your immigration processes, such as getting the Green Card and housing for your first month and studying for the NCLEX. We’ve got you covered! Need legal advice? We can help you with that, too.   

      • Professional alignment. Aside from transparency in the hiring process, we will let you through hyper-focused job placement. We will ensure you are with companies that suit your choices and allow you to explore your capabilities professionally. Also, as a direct-hire staffing partner, you are offered job stability with a credible healthcare company.  

      • Airport welcome. Find another staffing partner who does this! We will make that happen when we say we want you to feel welcome as you arrive in the US. PRS Global prides itself on its unparalleled hospitality, which is what we can do to make a great first impression.  

      • Cultural and transitional assistance. For new hires, we will still keep an eye on them because starting is the hardest part. Care programs are in place that will allow new nurses to let their stress out and find solace in adjusting to a new environment. A community of fellow immigrant nurses awaits new members to help fight homesickness and culture shock together.  

Let PRS Global be your companion in this new frontier for immigrant nurses.  

Would you like to make your nursing career move to the United States an easy yet fulfilling one from start to finish? Or are you looking for a staffing partner that can provide only the best immigrant nurses and be the first to take care of them in the process? A concierge candidate service provider is a good idea, but one that has been practicing it to perfection is the best yet.  

We are PRS Global. Give us a quick call so we can provide direct-hire positions to prospective immigrant nurses and even sponsor them toward permanent residence in the US. Our premier staffing services have a nationwide reach, and we will cater to various work and residence options while immigrant nurse hires receive genuine care and guidance.