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Professionals today prefer using technology to make the most of their time and effort, and nurses are no exception.  

With your duties inside and outside healthcare facilities, you may have relied on your phones and laptops more than once to move through your daily tasks with ease. Although sometimes technology can be confusing and overwhelming, the best mobile apps can make your day more productive without giving you a headache.  

In this article, we share with you our handpicked apps for nurses. From note-taking to navigation, we list each application’s uses and why we consider them our top picks.


The Best Applications for the Best Global Nurses 

1. Deputy 

With a 4.7 star rating in app stores, Deputy is a popular nursing schedule app. It offers a simple way to organize your shift information and allows you to access it quickly with your phone when needed. Additionally, you can easily create and track your schedule, approve and reject schedule requests from your team, and receive work notifications. 

The app also has a rule-based auto-scheduling, which may be useful if you secure your own shift or create it for other nurses. With an integrated clock, the Deputy also tracks your time spent in every shift and each patient, giving you a chance to backtrack and evaluate your actions.  

Finally, this mobile app monitors stress profiles, setting maximum scheduled hours to prevent nursing fatigue. Deputy is an excellent go-to app for organizing your schedule, so you can focus on increasing patient satisfaction. 

2. Adobe Scan 

If you are looking for the best document scanner for your phone, Adobe Scan should be one of your top picks. It is a powerful app that can scan many files, from personal documents to nursing charts and even laboratory results.    

It has user-friendly features, which allow you to input information directly through the app and into the scanned document. Also, Adobe Scan is a free app, which means you can download it, use it, and remove it (once necessary) without any guilt. Every document you capture is also stored on Adobe Document Cloud, which makes scanned copies accessible from any of your devices.  

Take note that there is a premium payment for advanced features, such as scanning large documents. However, Adobe Scan’s free app can be helpful for basic scanning needs. 

3. Taber’s Medical Dictionary 

Registered nurses and nursing students can use Taber’s Medical Dictionary to answer medical questions concisely. Aspiring and practicing healthcare professionals commonly use this app as an evidence-based reference to unfamiliar medical abbreviations, symbols, and units of measurement.  

However, with a diverse dictionary containing over 60,000 medical terms and 600 patient care statements, this app for nurses can also offer insights on different immunization schedules and even nursing diagnoses for various diseases and disorders. 

4. IBM Micromedex Drug Reference 

Micromedex’s app is the best drug reference app for nurses as it provides comprehensive drug information. With 4.5 stars from 1,000 reviewers in the App Store, the Micromedex Drug Reference App is a must-have application for you and your colleagues. 

You can easily find the right drug for your nursing practice as this app details different trade names, generic names, dosing, and administration information. In addition, its app versions do not require an Internet connection, which means you can access vital clinical information anytime, anywhere.  

5. Keep Notes 

With its accessibility and flexibility, you should consider Google Keep Notes as the best notes app. You can input text, images, and voice recordings within the same note. It also allows compiling all information into one space, lowering your chances of forgetting anything vital in your duty. 

You can access your notes from any device as long as you are logged into your account. You can also place labels and bookmarks on different notes for more convenient navigation. As an added feature, you can customize background art to your liking. However, the best part about this app is that you can create reminders within the same app, alarming you to actions you may need to perform during your duty.  

6. HomeAway Vacation Rentals 

If you are a travel nurse looking for temporary housing, either for work or vacation), you should consider the app made by VRBO and HomeAway. 

This app has everything under its umbrella, giving you various options, from large houses to apartments and even condominiums. All you need to do is indicate dates of relocation and areas you plan to stay in the quick search bar, and this app will give you a handful of houses. It also allows for direct contact with homeowners in case unexpected issues arise. 

As a bonus, most houses under HomeAway Vacation Rentals are pet-friendly, so you can bring your pets with you as you move. With 24/7 customer support and protected payment options, this is a good app for finding rental homes and accommodations. 

7. Waze 

Waze is the best travel app you can use if you aim to get from point A to point B safely and quickly. Whether navigating to your next hospital or finding the next gas station, this travel app has a GPS for tracking locations.  

It also provides vital information such as traffic reports, speed camera warnings, and your vehicle speed. In addition, maps within Waze also update in real-time to present available routes and avoid possible traffic jams. This way, you can give a heads-up to your fellow nurses if you get stuck on the road. 

To help avoid delays and give allowance for unexpected issues, Waze also calculates your travel time. It also provides a voice-assist feature to provide navigation instructions. With the best traffic navigation app, you can be sure to arrive at your institution with ease and with safety. 

Technology For a Bigger Purpose 

With today’s automation, you can be sure to finish smaller tasks easier, allowing you to focus on larger tasks at hand. Moreover, improving your efficiency gives you more flexibility to spend time on more important matters, such as providing optimal aid to patients. 

If you need help preparing before your shift, performing at your best during your duty, or resting after that, these apps for nurses can undoubtedly do the job. However, remember, technology and all its benefits can only do so much. Your dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare is what matters.  


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