Registered nurses are in high demand today, not just because they are needed for hospital staff. From administrative jobs to overseeing aspects of different institutions, the need for nurses of all ages continues to rise with no seeming end in sight.  

This profession will always be open to new talent since various organizations need experienced nurses to manage operations. But how does new talent match with experience? Enter seasoned nurses. If you are one of them, you can attest that you have acquired enough skills to adapt to any environment.   

If you are looking for nursing jobs that will allow you to perform at your best without pushing your body too hard, you have come to the right place. This article will list the least physically demanding nursing jobs without compromising your knowledge and expertise as a nurse.   


Best Nursing Jobs for Older Nurses  

Through these jobs, we will show you that despite the need for innovation with new nursing graduates. You are as essential as your insights and experiences.  


1. Director of Nursing  

The Director of Nursing oversees all nursing services in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. As a nursing leader, you have to have a higher nursing degree. Preferably a master’s degree and reputable years of experience in nursing administration.   

The Director of Nursing is responsible for supervising other nurses, managing budgets and finances and ensuring all staff members and patients follow hospital policies. These include patient legislation rights and regulations about privacy issues related to medical records. 

Being a director of nursing will allow you to implement good practice guidelines without carrying the load of patient care on your own.   


2. Registered Nurse Case Manager  

A registered nurse case manager focuses on the coordination of patient care. You will be working with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement individualized plans for each individual patient.  

Registered nurses who work as case managers must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or another related field, such as psychology, social work, or administration. They also must have experience working as a registered nurse.   

As an older nurse, you may like this line of practice. While nursing careers involve patient care, being a nurse case manager tailors your actions to one patient’s needs before moving to another. The privilege of being a nurse case manager will allow you to categorize and give the care that would best fit your patient. Sparing seasoned nurses like you from the high physical and mental tolls of multitasking.  


3. Research Nurse  

Research nurses can work in any healthcare facility as long as the institution holds its research pursuits. You will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data and developing and implementing new treatment protocols.   

This line of work will allow you to deepen your knowledge in the field of medical science without bearing too much labor. You will still practice nursing care within this field, but only to a minimal point. You will frequently deal with the paperwork and other medical professionals in unearthing new treatments or procedures.   


4. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)  

A certified registered nurse anesthetist is a specialized nurse tasked with providing anesthesia care, monitoring patients’ vitals, and administering medications. You will spend most of your time in operating rooms monitoring patients’ vital signs throughout surgery or other medical procedures. Please note that you need a specific certification for this job, so you will undergo training before the onset of your career.   

Nurse anesthetists may not be the ideal choice of work due to how physically taxing it is. But don’t fret because not every patient will require a surgical procedure. You will work on a case-to-case basis, and hospital or healthcare facilities will only need your skills at specific times. This means you have control over your time after completing your daily tasks.   


5. Clinical Nurse Specialist  

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are nurses who specialize in caring for patients with complex health problems. They are skilled at managing these individuals’ physical, emotional, and social needs.   

As a clinical nurse specialist, you will only act in certain situations. Besides intervening in critical patient situations, nurse specialists’ work revolves around guiding and supervising novice nurses with their daily tasks.  

The duties of a CNS include;  

      • Assessing diagnostic tests  
      • Monitoring treatment progress 
      • Administering medications   

They also provide education to patients’ family members about their condition or disease, giving relatives and patients themselves the comfort that they are taken care of in the best way possible.  


6. Telehealth Nurses  

Telehealth is a new and emerging way of healthcare that retired nurses can take advantage of. If you plan to make this your line of work, you will work to assist patients with healthcare questions and concerns. You are the middle person that will refer patients to physicians and set appointments for further treatment.  

With COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with the pandemic, telehealth is being highly utilized and will be more prevalent in the future. This can be a nursing job even for retired nurses as it would require them to use their knowledge without the physical demands of working in a hospital. You will still go through every part of medical care and communicate only through the Internet.  


Golden Years for Golden Beginnings  

With all these fields of practice, healthcare facilities and hospitals will always need your expertise. And the good thing is, you can always start again. You can work as a nurse and not worry about being too old for the job market. Being a seasoned nurse comes with the blessing of experience and wisdom that aid in making the best choices for your patients.  

In the job market today, nurses are in high demand, and there are many opportunities for them to find employment. Being a nurse at any age is still possible, even if your body is not what it once was. The best part about being a seasoned nurse is that those who have just started will look up to you for your teachings, and you can look to them if you want to gain fresh information in this ever-changing world!   


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