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The “Show-Me” State is a fitting moniker for a lively and culturally-robust state like Missouri. It boasts of the duality of living in the city while having the option to visit rural areas within driving distance. The state also has vast and clean bodies of water, like rivers and lakes, where citizens can spend their weekends swimming and fishing.  

The city has a state’s list of festivals and fairs, but if you want to mellow down, libraries and museums are great places to spend time if you need a quieter place. Missouri residents are known to be friendly, which is a great reason for anyone to live here.  

Missouri is one of the best states to be an international nurse because of the professional opportunities available and the living conditions that make assimilating to a new environment easier when pursuing a nursing career.  

If you are interested in practicing nursing in the United States, put Missouri at the top of your prospective states. This article will show you why Missouri is the best state for an immigrant nurse like you to start your life or career. Let us show you what the “Show-me” state has to offer:  

1. Missouri has a considerably low cost of living. 

A balance between rural and city life, entertainment options from the quiet atmosphere of museums to the exhilarating ambiance of the outdoors, and great people you can call your neighbors: Missouri has it all. But for movers like immigrant nurses wishing to pursue a career in the US, Missouri is an excellent option because of its cost of living.  

Its cost of living is 10% lower than the national average, but it gets better. In Joplin a city in Missouri, the cost of living is 18% lower, followed by 13% in St Louis, and 11% for Springfield. When it comes to buying or renting houses, it’s around 20% cheaper in Missouri.  

Food costs, health care, transportation, and utilities also have lower prices in Missouri than the national average.  

Can an immigrant practicing nursing in Missouri be able to catch up with the state’s cost of living?  

To have a hassle-free life in Missouri, you need to earn at least $33,890 per year to maintain good living conditions. Great news for anyone wanting to become a Missouri registered nurse. A graduate nurse just starting their career in the state is expected to earn a salary between 57,377 USD and 73,118 USD annually (data taken last November 2022).  

What’s even more fantastic is that immigrant nurses are expected to have an even bigger salary than their US counterparts since foreign-educated nurses are expected to have also a few years of internship work under their belt.  

2. Missouri has many career advancements and study options for nurses like you.  

While salaries look promising in the Show-Me State, what’s also looking good are career prospects for immigrant nurses and nurses in general. Whether you are happy with the responsibilities of bedside nursing or thinking of bringing your medical knowledge and skill to other environments, you can find such opportunities in Missouri.  

As an immigrant nurse, the Missouri healthcare system will greatly appreciate your expertise since the nursing shortage’s effects are still impacting healthcare.  

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One way to increase the nursing population in the country is to give nursing students the correct guidance that will aid them in staying in the profession for a long time. Changing your working environment from the hospital to the classroom will be greatly appreciated, as being a mentor to young students pursuing a career in nursing will mean a lot to them.  

On the other hand, if you wish to go back to becoming a nursing student to pursue a different focus or perhaps advanced practice, consider these nursing schools while exploring life as an immigrant nurse in Missouri. 

  • Maryville University. They are a low-cost private school that offers online nursing courses as well. They are proud of their innovative system that works, given that the school boasts of a 97% NCLEX passing rate.  
  • Saint Louis University. This school offers three BSN degree options: traditional BSN, accelerated BSN, and RN-BSN. This university is mission-focused and student-driven, making it the best place for immigrant nurses to expand their knowledge.  
  • University of Missouri – Kansas City. If you want to advance your nursing education, this school should be one of your options. UMKC offers an MSN, a DNP (doctor nurse practitioner program), and a doctorate program in nursing. What’s also noteworthy about UMKC is maintaining a 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio, even when they welcome about 16,000 students.  

There are also hospitals in Missouri with various specialized services in case you want to practice being a nurse in a different environment or focus of work. You can also find opportunities to be a public health nurse or a certified registered nurse anesthetist in the various hospitals within the state.  

Missouri is also considered a nursing compact state. This means a nurse can practice in their home state and other compact states without getting a license in another state. This gives you flexibility in where you want to practice your craft. 

3. Inclusivity is well-practiced in Missouri.  

A big concern of any immigrant nurse coming into the United States would be prejudice and discrimination. However, it seems that the state of Missouri has had enough time to understand the need for diversity and inclusivity within the community, as evidenced by the Missouri Human Rights Act.  

This law does not allow discrimination based on race, religion, sex, and national origin, in all areas of human life such as housing and public accommodations. This law also protects those seeking for employment within the state.  

Imagine becoming an immigrant nurse and being welcomed in Missouri. In this state, you are not merely welcomed. Your presence as a professional is recognized and valued.  

Let PRS Global tried and tested guidance for nurses bring you to the Show-Me State.  

While settling in a state that will nurture nurses well will still require some effort on your behalf, why not push these efforts further with a staffing partner that knows how to take care of prospective immigrant nurses like yourself?  

PRS Global understands the pressure of shifting to a new living and working environment, which is why we promise to look after you even after settling into your new job. We also have care programs to help you battle homesickness and culture shock and even offer assistance with concerns such as licensure preparations and living expenses.  

We will be at your side in this challenging yet promising journey. Contact PRS Global now!