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Unlike agencies that charge you high hourly fees or continued residuals, you pay us a one-time placement fee per qualified Registered Nurse we provide you with to keep your costs affordable. These nurses will be directly hired under your organization as your employee.


We have a wellspring of exceptionally talented and devoted nursing professionals from the resource-rich and culturally nurturing Philippines and other countries that have a surplus of qualified labor. Our ability to source internationally means there’s no limit to howmany nurses we can provide you.


We understand the critical importance of having
highly-qualified and reliable healthcare professionals in improving patient care. That’s why we make it a point to source all over the world and meticulously vet the best nurses, med techs, and physical therapists
who can contribute growth to your organization.


PRS is made up of tenured experts who have a combined experience of 100 years in Healthcare. We are equipped to source, screen, place, and transition nursing professionals to you efficiently and smoothly.